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Salvage cryotherapy

A second chance when prostate cancer comes back after radiation treatment

Each year, at least 25% of prostate cancer patients who have had some form of radiation treatment find that their cancer comes back, or recurs.1 Because radiation therapy can cause tissues around the prostate gland to harden (calcify [KAL-si-fy]) or shrink, further treatment needs careful consideration. Additional treatment after one unsuccessful treatment is also known as salvage treatment.

Salvage surgery (radical prostatectomyRadical prostatectomy: surgery to remove the entire prostate.) becomes a challenging procedure with a high risk of side effects, high complication rates, and prolonged hospital stays.2,3

Salvage cryotherapy offers a second chance for men with recurrent prostate cancer after radiation therapy, as long as the cancer hasn’t spread beyond the prostate.

Largest study to date

If you have previously received any form of radiation therapy for your prostate cancer and your PSA level is rising, it is important to talk to your doctor right away and ask if you’re a candidate for salvage cryotherapy.

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safety information
safety information

Doctors trained in cryotherapy are available in the following regions:

North America

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Asia Pacific
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Europe & Mediterranean
  Former Yugoslavia
  United Kingdom/Ireland

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safety information

Is cryotherapy right for me?

If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, please answer the following questions to determine whether cryotherapy may be a treatment option for you.

1. I prefer a quick and minimally invasive treatment option that can destroy my cancer instantly.

Yes No

2. I prefer a treatment option that is designed to preserve the urethra.

Yes No

3. I want my prostate cancer treated in less time, with fewer treatments than external beam radiation, and typically with less recovery time than a radical prostatectomy.

Yes No

4. I have already had my prostate cancer treated with radiation therapy.

Yes No

Based on your answers, you may be a candidate for cryotherapy, which is an advanced, minimally invasive treatment option for prostate cancer. Talk to your urologist to see if cryotherapy is right for you.

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Please answer all questions.

Based on your answers, you may be a candidate for cryotherapy, which is an advanced, minimally invasive treatment option for prostate cancer. Talk to your urologist to see if cryotherapy is right for you.

Be sure to print your responses and take them with you to your doctor.