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Cryotherapy [CRY-o-ther-uh-pee] is a prostate cancer treatment that does not involve open surgery or radiation to destroy prostate cancer.

Cryotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure that destroys (or ablates [a-BLATES]) cancerous cells by delivering freezing temperatures of minus 40° Celsius to the prostate. This lethal freeze immediately destroys cancerous cells by:

  • Causing membrane damage1
  • Cutting off the oxygen supply1

Cryotherapy may be appropriate for:

Cryotherapy also offers the following benefits:

  • Fast recovery time2
  • Minimal blood loss3
  • Repeatability2
  • Low morbidityMorbidity: a diseased state or symptom.4
  • Low occurrence of incontinence4

Side effects

As with any treatment for prostate cancer, side effects may occur after cryotherapy. These side effects may include loss of urinary control, injury to the rectum, and loss of sexual function.

  • Incontinence occurred in no more than 8% of patients.1
  • Injury to the rectum occurred in less than 0.5% of patients.1
  • Rates of impotence varied from 49% to 93% at 1 year after cryotherapy.1

Other side effects may include temporary swelling, soreness, or discomfort in or around the scrotum or penis for a few days following the procedure. Talk to your doctor about what you can do to help relieve any swelling or soreness. You should also talk to your doctor about the possibility of seeing blood in your urine and what you should do if you see it.

Be sure to speak with a qualified urologist to learn more about the benefits and risks that cryotherapy may hold for you.

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  1. Babaian RJ, Donnelly B, Bahn D, et al. Best practice statement on cryosurgery for the treatment of localized prostate cancer. J Urol. 2008;180(5):1993-2004.
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safety information
safety information

Doctors trained in cryotherapy are available in the following regions:

North America

South America

Asia Pacific
  China/Hong Kong
Europe & Mediterranean
  Former Yugoslavia
  United Kingdom/Ireland

Please contact for more information.

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safety information

Is cryotherapy right for me?

If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, please answer the following questions to determine whether cryotherapy may be a treatment option for you.

1. I prefer a quick and minimally invasive treatment option that can destroy my cancer instantly.

Yes No

2. I prefer a treatment option that is designed to preserve the urethra.

Yes No

3. I want my prostate cancer treated in less time, with fewer treatments than external beam radiation, and typically with less recovery time than a radical prostatectomy.

Yes No

4. I have already had my prostate cancer treated with radiation therapy.

Yes No

Based on your answers, you may be a candidate for cryotherapy, which is an advanced, minimally invasive treatment option for prostate cancer. Talk to your urologist to see if cryotherapy is right for you.

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Please answer all questions.

Based on your answers, you may be a candidate for cryotherapy, which is an advanced, minimally invasive treatment option for prostate cancer. Talk to your urologist to see if cryotherapy is right for you.

Be sure to print your responses and take them with you to your doctor.